Employment Law Changes Effective May, 2019

At Otis Wood Agency, we try to monitor changes in state and federal legislation that may impact our clients in Georgia, Tennessee, and Kentucky. And we make every effort to communicate those changes to our clients.

We also offer free subscriptions to valuable tools, such as ThinkHR's compliant database and notifications. With these tools, our clients can stay informed and stay out of trouble.

Following are some recent announcements regarding employment law changes from ThinkHR:


On May 6, 2019, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp signed legislation (H.B. 373), which amends the state’s wage payment law by removing the requirement that employers provide a form, simultaneously with the written explanation of fees associated with a payroll card, allowing employees to opt out of receiving such payments as credit to a payroll card account.

The law also amends the state’s definition of a benefit year within its unemployment insurance law (employment security). Read full article.


In May 2019, the Kentucky Commission on Human Rights updated its Equal Employment Opportunity notice to include information about the Kentucky Pregnant Workers Act (KPWA) which takes effect June 27, 2019. Read full article.


On May 10, 2019, Tennessee Governor Bill Lee signed legislation (H.B. 539) amending certain laws to redefine “employee” and requiring the consideration of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) 20-Factor Test when determining whether a worker is an employee or independent contractor. Read full article.