Are You Struggling to Hire and Retain Good Employees?

The record low unemployment rate is impacting small businesses across the nation, and business owners are having to get creative in order to hire and retain good workers. 

To meet labor needs, some businesses have pulled in workers from the sidelines-including retirees, the homeless and other groups with low access to employment.
They have also retooled processes to use less labor. Others are raising wages, increasing employee benefits packages, increasing paid time off and adding perks such as gym memberships in order to keep their employees.
Most employers agree it takes six months to a year to get a new employee fully trained and productive. So, if you are planning to hire in 2019, a well-thought-out recruiting and hiring strategy plus a review of your current employee benefits package may be in order. The last thing you want to do is spend time and money hiring and training new employees who do not last.

All of our clients have access to FREE HR tools and services to help recruit, hire and train the right employees. Plus, we work hand-in-hand with small business owners to design and implement attractive benefits packages that help improve employee retention. 
Give us a call and let's talk about making your employee benefits package more attractive!