Offering the Best Payroll Services in Georgia

Robust Payroll Technology | Mobile | Seamless Integration

There are plenty of payroll services in Georgia but finding a reliable service can be difficult and stressful. After all, getting payroll right is critical and correcting errors is a hassle.

Relax! Otis Wood Agency has done the research for you. And with confidence, we offer the most affordable, efficient and reliable payroll services in Georgia:

Full-Service Payroll 

Get access to scalable, affordable, robust payroll technology with live, local support. We will upload your data for you and our payroll specialists located near Atlanta, GA, can do all the work. Our services include reporting and payroll taxes and you can add features such as:

Otis Wood Payroll Solutions

If you prefer to do payroll yourself, you can utilize our online payroll and basic HR solutions. We offer an online subscription-based payroll system that includes basic human resources (HR) management tools. It also includes a streamlined interface that is accessible from any internet-connected computer with a compatible web browser. And it is mobile friendly! This means managers can run payroll from just about anywhere.

Additional Payroll Features

If you need a customized payroll solution, our cloud-based program is the answer.  Employers can have anytime-anywhere access to advanced payroll, HR, tax and compliance functions.