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Serving Businesses in Georgia With the Want More | Get More Philosophy

Small business owners in Georgia often settle for less when it comes to employee benefits such as group health insurancepayroll and HR services. And that’s why their biggest struggle is attracting and retaining good employees.

Here at the Otis Wood Agency, we encourage business owners to want more and get more for themselves and their employees.

And that’s why our goal is to provide small and mid-sized business owners with solutions comparable to Fortune 500 companies.


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Our insurance agency, established in 2016, is quickly emerging as a leader in the industry. We have helped many Georgia small business owners get more by reducing costs, improving their employee benefits, streamlining payroll and getting compliant with government regulations.

We have the knowledge and experience to help you get more as well.

We can give you access to the largest possible portfolio of employee benefits, payroll products and HR solutions, with or without joining a PEO. And we will help you find the best products and services at competitive rates. 


Mike Otis, Chief Operating Officer

Mike is a graduate of the University of Kentucky. He spent the past 17 years in the employee benefits field working for some of the largest insurance carriers in the employee benefits space selling over 500 groups with a combined premium of $75 million. Mike specializes in group health, disability, life, supplemental benefits, and employee benefits communication and engagement.

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